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Yoga and mindfulness

Availability:  All year round

Yoga and mindfulness walk is an easy walk from the harbour to the nature reserve of Ósland where we will enjoy a fascinating geology, vivid birdlife and a spectacular mountain and glacier view. In Ósland we will also examine the Solar System Model on Höfn’s nature trail and end our visit with yoga and mindfulness session on the old pier.


2 – 2,5 hours


Starting point at Gamlabúð Höfn, 780 Hornafjörður

Coordinates; 64° 15.023'N, 15° 12.233'W.

Dress according to weather.

Include a bottle of water for the walk.


Professional travel guidance in English and moderate physical activities.

Disconnect to connect

What about turning of your WiFi, direct your focus inwards and

enjoy the here and now?

For private's tours or any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch, We are more than happy to help!


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Yoga and mindfulness
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