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Environmental Policy

At Höfn Local Guide we look at the earth as our mother and all aspect of Gaia deserves to be treated with respect. Whether it is all life, the air, water or land, we intend to treat it in a way that future generations to come can live here and enjoy all the mother’s gifts. As proud as we are to show Iceland off to our visitors, we aim to do so in a manner that preserves its unspoiled, fragile and clean environment. We proudly follow the Leave No Trace guidelines.

With growing tourism industry in Iceland, with more and more people visiting our country's most precious assets, we understand that there is a higher risk of our unspoiled nature being corrupted. We make it our responsibility to make sure that we operate our business without damaging or harming the environment in any way. We carefully design our tours in a matter that our visits leave no permanent damage to the nature.


Höfn-Local Guide’s staff and guides are committed to follow this environmental policy and to educate our guests on how to help us preserve the Icelandic nature.

Environmental Policy
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