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Heart of Höfn

Availability:  All year round

Heart of Höfn is an easy and informative walk by the harbour where you will learn about the development of this beautiful fishing village and hear stories about the locals in the past as in the present. At the end of your village walk we will stop at Pakkhúsið where you will get a taste of local gourmet food.


2 hours walk + food tasitng 


Starting point outside of Gamlabúð Höfn, 780 Hornafjörður.

Coordinates; 64° 15.023'N, 15° 12.233'W

Dress according to weather and wear adequate walking shoes.

Include a bottle of water for the walk.


Professional travel guidance in English and moderate physical activities.

Local delicatessen at Pakkhúsið. Beverage are not included.


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Heart of Höfn
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